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GIS Data Sources Supplier

We have been a partner of HERE Technologies for more than a decade and are now a platinum partner of HERE. Our team has the knowledge and experience to properly assess your needs and recommend the appropriate HERE solutions to your challenges.

Our geospatial expertise covers data integration, geocoding and address management, analytics and visualization and enterprise solution.

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Our location-based data and solutions

HERE Map Content

The most comprehensive, accurate and feature-rich geographic reference system available today.

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HERE Traffic Solutions

Access high-quality real-time and historical traffic data with extensive coverage and a rigorous digitization process.

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HERE Location Services

Fresh, high quality and global location-based services to make it easy to bring location intelligent products and services to the market.

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Industries benefiting from location-based data

  • Transportation ›
  • Government ›
  • Insurance ›
  • Telecommunications ›
  • Real Estate ›


Location-based data for transport

Get from point A to point B hassle-free. Use location-based data to determine the most efficient routes for your deliveries.

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Location-based data for Government

Improve the quality of life of citizens by making better decisions regarding roads, traffic and public works.

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location-based data for insurance

Be part of the insurance digital transformation by adding usage-based insurance to your offering.

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Location-based data for telecommunications

Plan and develop your telecom network efficiently with location-based data.

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Real Estate

location-based data for real estate

Location is at the heart of real estate and retail. Take advantage of GIS data for your site selection.

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