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HERE maintains the most accurate, complete and freshest map offering in the industry today.

Legal Speed Limit

Maximum Vehicle Speed Allowed.

Built in-house with the highest attribute accuracy collected via HERE’s TRUE Fleet. Major and secondary roads are covered in mature markets in North America. Speed ranges derived from different factors are avaliable for the entire network.

Live traffic

Real-Time Speeds and Travel Times.

100s billions of probes are collected daily and blended with sensors and historic data to create premium products. HERE has the largest TMC (Traffic Message Channel) coverage globally. Data is avaliable for more than 58 countries.

Traffic Patterns

Typical Day of Average Speed Values.

Accurate travel times based on realistic traffic speeds. Useful for providing accurate ETAs (Estimated Time of Arrival). Enables traffic-aware routing without data connection. Available in 82 countries.

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How Do HERE Technologies Collect Speed and Traffic Data?


High accuracy data is collected by the TRUE fleet using cameras and sensors like GPS and laser light radar known as LIDAR. Pictures are taken of speed limit post signs and information like road conditions, road width and traffic speed are analyzed to create HERE’s speed and traffic dataset.

Other Sources of Data Collection

HERE is in the traffic business since 2004. They collect real-time speed and travel time from 3rd party sources and probe data from participating car navigation systems.

Ways that Companies are Leveraging Speed and Traffic Data

Content On a Map

The easiest way to leverage traffic information is by rendering it on a map using color-coded lines. The data is updated every 60 seconds to ensure fresh and reliable information. This is used to analyze where the congestion is on a map, quickly and visually. Traffic statuses at specific moments can also be archived for later use.

Driver Assistance

HERE street data is used to generate optimized routes taking into account speed limits and traffic, providing accurate ETAs. The speed limit information can also be embeded in a custom application to send alterts to drivers who are driving over the legal speed limit.

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