GIS Mapping Platform

The foundation for the new generation of location-based services

Turning the physical world into precise 2D and 3D digital data.

HERE Map data

HERE Map Data

The most comprehensive, accurate and feature-rich geographic reference system available today

HERE Map Data is Navmart’s core mapping platform. Formerly known as Navstreets, HERE Map Data is an automotive-grade database capable of powering a wide range of applications and tools. It contains the transportation network, administrative areas and cartographic elements for over 200 countries, one of the main reasons why HERE Maps are used in over 150 million vehicles.


Fresh and high-quality map data

Whether you need map data for your fleet management software or to ensure the best possible route for last-mile delivery, HERE Map Data can deliver it.

  • Coverage of more than 200 countries
  • Worldwide coverage with more than 65.2 million km of roads
  • Over 900 different map attributes containing characteristics, restrictions and rules
  • Build as you need: over 50 premium location content products that seamlessly integrate with HERE Map Data, including Places, Point Addressing, Trucks and many more.
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Why HERE Map Data?

Choose HERE Map Data if you are looking for a GIS mapping platform that can provide:

  • Block-level address ranges
  • Superior positional accuracy
  • Detailed turn restrictions
  • Comprehensive road network connectivity
  • Z-axis height data for tunnels and bridges
  • Exit and entrance ramp information, including signage

We offer one of the industry’s most comprehensive point of interest databases, along with a suite of customizable datasets for drilling down on the information you need.

A rigorous digitization methodology for high quality map data

Step 1

Data Collection

Quality maps start with quality data. HERE has more than 300 collection cars and works with partners around the world to obtain the most up-to-date and accurate road information. When information isn’t available, or if there are any concerns about the validity of our data, HERE’s research team uses satellite-assisted imaging to fill in the gaps.

Step 2

Data Digitization and Review

This raw data is then put it into a digital format. HERE’s experienced cartographers oversee every step of this process using proprietary software to ensure it is entered into the database correctly. Digitized map data undergoes a second review by a dedicated team who use aerial photography to add further details and note unique geographic features not recorded in the initial data.

Step 3

Data Quality Control and Real-Time Updates

The world is always changing and the only way to ensure accuracy is to make quality control a continuous process. After shifting to cloud-based technologies, HERE implemented near real-time change delivery with CaaS, ensuring the freshest insights are delivered to drivers.