HERE Postal Code Boundaries

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HERE Postal code boundaries

HERE Postal Code Boundaries

Visualize postal code boundaries

HERE Postal Code Boundaries (formerly known as Navteq ZIP Codes) is data that provides point representations and boundaries for country postal systems. This product enables visual display and data analysis in demographic, geo-marketing and business intelligence.

  • Use postal code boundaries for:
  • Target marketing
  • Creating territories or trade areas
  • Geocoding your customers or business locations at the ZIP Code or postal code level
  • Point-in-polygon

Find postal codes for your desired region

United States ZIP Codes

HERE Postal Code Boundaries data includes both 3 and 5 digit ZIP Codes for the U.S. featuring files with boundaries and files with point ZIP Codes for each state, DC and Puerto Rico which can be used for geocoding.

Canada Postal Codes

An FSA or forward sortation area is a geographical region where all Canadian postal codes start with the same three characters. FSA Boundaries displays the FSA area as a polygon.


Various different countries have differing postal numbering systems and methodologies to implementing postal delivery areas. These are polygon representations of those various delivery areas.