Fleet Telematics

Lower your operational costs while making it safer for your drivers

Leverage HERE location-based data to efficiently track or dispatch your fleet vehicles or individuals.

location-based data for fleet management

Use GIS data to optimize your fleet

Navmart offers a state-of-the-art location service platform capable of creating unique solutions to optimize fleet management. The result is improved routing to lower operational costs; more accurate mapping to enhance driver experience; and the option to use real-time data to improve asset utilization and tracking. HERE provides an extensive portfolio of innovative data products to help you remain competitive.

We are a value-added reseller of geospatial data and software products reinventing the way governments, businesses and organizations manage fleets. Whether your mission is to provide more accurate traffic information to the public or discover ways to reduce fuel costs and increase cycle times, we can help. Our experienced staff of solution architects can develop a plan that offers the differentiated information and functionality you require.

Mobile Asset Management (MAM) Applications

HERE Map Content for tracking and routing of mobile assets provides insights into optimization of operations and logistics. With HERE mobile asset management (MAM), it’s possible to optimize schedules, routes and deployment strategies taking myriad factors and variables into account resulting in more accurate estimates on travel and arrival times and shipping costs.

Technologies utilized in modern fleet management include:

  • Geofencing: Keep track of asset movement in real-time with geofencing, a technology that creates a virtual boundary around a specified geographic area that triggers an automatic response when a GPS-enabled device enters or exits the perimeter. Geofencing can be used to automate everyday tasks such as turning a thermostat on when you’re within a certain distance from your home or office. In government and business, geofencing allows for accurate field service personnel tracking, and to log daily activities to identify service gaps or inefficiencies.
  • Telematics: Telematics is an electronic communication system that allows a GPS receiver to communicate with a GSM device installed in vehicles to remotely monitor locations, driving patterns and operator behavior. Telematics for vehicle tracking is used to lower expenses related to fuel costs and labor, as well as to eliminate unauthorized access or vehicle usage. Telematics can also be used to provide location data and arrival time estimates for improved customer service.
mobile asset management for truck fleets
truck on a road for advanced fleet management

Advanced Fleet Management

With HERE Technologies from Navmart, you receive the data required to enhance operations and employee experience while improving end-user satisfaction. Tools such as HERE Map Content, HERE Traffic, HERE Traffic Patterns and HERE Location Platform deliver deeper, more thorough vehicle and field representative tracking and analysis. Use public transit maps data including routes, speed limits and restrictions combined with the specific attributes of your fleet such as height, weight and clearance to always get the most accurate view of how your assets are performing and what impedances might impact fleet efficiency.

HERE MAM and fleet management applications provide management data used in:

  • Post trip analysis for more efficient routing and deployment based on time, tolls, fleet composition and fuel expenses
  • Snow plow fleet management using traffic information, safety alerts and weather conditions to efficiently deploy assets where needed and to estimate the size of the affected area
  • Waste and recycling collection mapping for optimal fleet distribution with available onboard features that help drivers be safer and more productive

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