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Know if you need to open, renovate, rebuild, relocate or close.

location-based data for real estate neighborhood aerial view
Importance of location in real estate aerial view of neighbourhood

Location is at the heart of real estate and retail

Location is often the “make or break” factor in the real estate, retail, and restaurant industries. The landscape is filled with closed stores and failed real estate properties. Why? In many cases  “location” is a determining factor. To make sure you’re choosing the right location for your next store, service outlet, distribution center, or other real estate venture, use HERE’s industry-leading geospatial solutions from Navmart.

Location data applications in real estate and retail

HERE’s products will help you make smart, successful decisions that maximize your market penetration while minimizing the costs of expansion. If your strategy is to expand or consolidate an existing network of locations, Navmart can provide data that help you choose which locations make the most sense, so that you can provide the best service to existing customers and maximize ongoing profitability.

You will be able to analyze all relevant information related to potential locations, including:

  • Existing locations in your network
  • Competitor locations
  • Consumer and/or business demographics in the area
  • Market penetration
  • Extent of trade area
  • Location of existing and potential customers
  • Traffic counts and travel patterns
Site selection GIS construction of a tower with cranes

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