GIS Application in Transportation Planning

Get from point A to point B hassle-free

Use location-based data to determine the most efficient routes for your deliveries.

Location-based data for transport
Truck routing data

HERE Trucks

Identify regulatory and physical restrictions

HERE Trucks makes it easier to pinpoint routes in which physical restrictions and impedances can impact speed and efficiency. With multiple attributes to choose from such as physical and legal restrictions, prohibited hazardous materials or environmental zones, you can more easily pinpoint the routes where certain regulations apply. This can be critically important to identify routes that cross certain state or county lines.

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HERE Traffic Solutions

Delight your customers by delivering to them on time

Customers have very high expectations when it comes to last mile delivery and it becomes increasingly difficult for retailers to meet those expectations. Using historical traffic data enables you to plan routes to make the deliveries in the least amount of time and the shortest distance traveled, thus reducing delivery time and costs. Additionally, with real-time data, you’re able to readjust, on-the-fly, when unplanned incidents or road closures happen, keeping the customer satisfied.

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HERE traffic patterns
HERE Speed Limit Data

HERE Speed Limits

Accurately estimate travel time and make the road safer for your drivers

With HERE Speed Limits, you can create average route times based on the fastest path or the shortest distance using speed limits. You can also monitor the average vehicle driving speed compared to the posted speed limit to address unsafe driving.

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